Sirens - Mechanical - Thunderbolt Siren - Single Phase Power - Reconditioned

Thunderbolt Siren - Single Phase Power - Reconditioned (Part No. Thunderbolt 1000BT)
125 db, Federal Signal Thunderbolt Siren.

Product Description
125 db, Federal Signal Thunderbolt Siren is the king of the sirens. Directional projector, controls and pad mounted air compressor all combine to deliver a powerfull punch. Sirens have been reconditioned. All components have been inspected and tested. Items and components were repaired or replaced as necessary. The entire blower pallet has been replaced, all screens replaced and all system points have been lubricated. These units came out of active service from large industrial systems, and were maintained by our crews the entire time. Optional Radio controls are available. Siren in the photo is shown with the optional repainting. Each siren comes equiped with it's motor controls mounted in a new weatherproof steel cabinet.

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