About Us

SirenCentral.com is a service of Nelcom Corporation. Since our beginning in 1974 we have become a leader in warning systems by merging our knowledge of RF communications, electrical and electronics as well as computers into a combined group that offers unsurpassed ability to aid customers in all phases of their warning systems, from design to final certification.

Our customers include small towns, large municiplities, state capitol cities, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, United States Navy and Air Force, oil companies, railroads, and many others who depend on us to provide quality services for their emergency warning systems.

Parts & Equipment
In addition to our technical knowledge, we have also amassed a large parts inventory over the past 30 years. It is this inventory that we are making available at SirenCentral.com.

We offer both New and Reconditioned items.

  • New - These items have never been placed into service. They may be fresh from the manufacturer, or may be new on our shelf.

  • Reconditioned or Rebuilt - These items have seen previous active service. After removal from service they are examined and tested before placing into available inventory. They may or may not show signs of use. We do not take photos of each reconditioned item. The image you see on our website is of an average item. Cosmetically your reconditioned part or assembly may differ, but all items are guaranteed operational.

Almost all of the reconditioned parts have come from systems we have upgraded. This gives us first-hand knowledge of the equipment, we know it's past history, and our own crews personally perform the work of carefully removing it from service and transporting it back to our central facility.

There are several steps during our reconditioning process. At every step the suitability for re-use is evaluated. If a part, assembly or even an entire siren does not meet our quality control standards, it is completely destroyed in a metal shredder and recycled. We do not offer items unless we have full confidence in them.